FALUN DAFA also known as FALUN GONG and the 5 Exercises, books and tutorials.

For new practitioners, please read through this complete page before starting.

Falun Dafa Standing Exercises 1 to 4, English Translation tutorial and music.
Press play to start exercises. You can fast forward to start any exercise from the minute and second shown on timer below.

Start of Exercise 1, timer 0 – 09.20min / 2, 09.20min / 3, 23.10min / 4, 31.48min

Falun Dafa Exercise 5, Sitting in lotus position. English Translation tutorial and music.
Press play to start exercise 5. Timer starts at: 0 – 28.10mim.

Above: Falun Dafa London Parade 2018

For those interested to know and understand what Falun Dafa is we recommend first to read the two books “Falun Gong“, and “Zhuan Falun” by Master Li Hongzhi FREE download on this website and also on the links below. Further it is also recommended by Master Li Hongzhi founder of the Falun Dafa to listen to the full 9 lectures presented that are translated into English so as to understand what true cultivation is. These lectures cover in great detail many issues about Qi-Qong In China and why they failed to enlighten practitioners.

The “Buddha Fa” is the most profound among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science. In order to explore this domain, humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking. Otherwise, the truth of the universe will forever remain a mystery to humankind, and everyday people will forever crawl within the boundary delimited by their own ignorance.” 

A Brief Introduction To Falun Dafa [ Click Here ] https://en.falundafa.org English Language Link.

Please note that reference to books “Falun Gong” and “Zhuan Falun” page numbers may differ from the hard copy book and the download versions. Below we have given both references to the hard copy version and the download format from this website which is available FREE from our home page, and also the links below. Other download version pages may also differ according to file size and format such as HTML, PDF etc.

94 Pages Book FALUN GONGFree Down-Load  PDF File Format. This has a fully illustrated tutorial on all 5 Falun Dafa exercises, showing step-by-step all the movements.

Why is Falun Dafa so unique?
The first exercise is to stretch and open all the main bodies channels and meridians, the second is to reinforce the large energy fields that are like the main spring in a clock, these in turn activate thousands of other energy cycles and mechanisms. Exercise 3 also follows this pattern like stepping into two gigantic circle columns of energy wheels, rotating up and down, that put new energy into the body and take out old, helping to cleanse the body.  Exercise 4 is like stroking the “Aura “ and surrounding the body with a strong energy field. Exercise 5, although simple to look at viewing the demonstration, it is in fact extremely powerful reinforcing energy fields and one can often feel the sensation of the Gong column above the head like a  pillar.  But we have to emphasis the importance, exercises on their own do very little, it is the true cultivation of what is termed  the “XingXing” heart and mind nature, putting on the characteristics of the universes divine laws, (ZHEN SHAN REN) meaning: ZHENTruthfulness, SHAN Compassion, RENTolerance or forbearance sometimes referred to as benevolence. Therefore what we practice is  guided by the standard of the universe’s highest characteristic, Zhen Shan, Ren, we cultivate something so enormous that equates to cultivating the universe. Ref Book: “Zhuan Falun” (Hard Copy) Page 42, Download copy page 30.

When your XingXing is upgraded, your gong column will increase, when one ascends he can go as high as his gong column and no further, this is a universal law,  like a beam of light that can travel millions of miles, ones Gong column can take them to higher dimensions, this is the principle, how we far we can ascend to return to our true self, depends then on our own personal cultivation. 

These 5 exercises are as follows:

1. Buddha Showing a Thousands Hands, this has 8 stretching movements and positions, carried out at a slow gentle rounded pace. This is repeated 3 times or 3 sets of 8 stretch positions . Each set is started from a standing position with the hands in what is termed “Jieyin” which is the Conjoining of the hands, one hand on top of the other, palms facing upward, with the end of thumbs lightly touching tips, this pose is also held at the end of an exercise for about 1 minute, before going onto the next exercise. From the start of conjoining the hands, you go straight into each stretch bringing the hands back to a starting point before the next stretch, to what is called “Heshi” position, meaning the hands are held in front of the body (as if praying) with the palms touching and the finger tips also touching, but the hands should be hollow, NOT tightly presses together! From “Heshi” position hands are lowered to overlap in front of the abdomen, with an inch space between the hands, held for about 40 to 100 seconds. See Book “FALUN GONG” pages 91 to 104 (Ref is to Hard Copy Book, Download is page 42)
Watch Video Demonstration, fast forward to time 4 minutes and 15 seconds [ Click Here ]

See Book “FALUN GONG” (Hard Copy) illustrations pages 93, 104, 107, 110, 113, 117, 120, 126, 129, 137,138
Download page references: 43, 48, 63.

So here’s a rule of thumb to remember, all first 4 exercises follow this pattern or routine:
1. Conjoin the hands, one hand on top of the other palms up, thumb tips lightly touching.
2. “Hershi” press hands together, palms and finger tips touching, but leave hands hollow.
3. Do the exercise, and repeated sets as required.
4. Finish by pressing hands together (Called Hershi”) in front of the chest and body.
5. Lower and overlap the hands in front of body at the lower abdomen, hold 1 minute. Men have the right hand outside, and woman have the left hand out side.
6. Conjoin the hands, hold 1 minute, before then going onto the nest exercise.

2. Falun Standing Stance. This has 4 holding positions or movements of the hands for several minutes each pose. (This is just “One” set of four movements) Follow the start and finish positions as above as required. See Book “FALUN GONG” pages 105 to 110. (Ref is to Hard Copy Book, Download is page 49)
Watch Video Demonstration, fast forward to time 14 minutes and 26 seconds [ Click Here ]

3. Penetrating The Two Cosmic Extremes. This involves alternate single hand stroking full length of the body to over head, done 9 times, then further double hand stroking for further 9 times, once complete the hands are rotated 4 times in the lower abdomen area. (With this exercise, Men start off with left hand and rotate to left, Woman start with right hand and rotate in the opposite direction) The video tutorial will clearly demonstrate this. We remind you again, this exercise is started and completed with the standing position as explained above, involve the three hand positions “Conjoining of the hands” and “Hershi” press hands together and “Overlapping the hands” in front of the body, they are held in different order depending if you are starting or completing the exercise. See Book “FALUN GONG” pages 111 to 117. (Ref is to Hard Copy Book, Download is page 52)
Watch Video Demonstration, fast forward to time 19 minutes [ Click Here ]

4. Falun Heavenly Circuit. This is a fully rotating exercise as if stroking the whole of the body area. It is repeated 9 time each set. This is done as 3 sets of 9 rotations. This again involves the three hand positions “Conjoining of the hands” and “Hershi” press hands together and “Overlapping the hands” in front of the body, they are held in different order depending if you are starting or completing the exercise. See Book “FALUN GONG” pages 120 to 126. (Ref is to Hard Copy Book, Download is page 55)
Watch Video Demonstration, fast forward to time 24 minutes and 35 seconds [ Click Here ]

5. Strengthen Divine Powers. (Sitting exercise in “Lotus Position”) This is probably the most challenging exercise as involves sitting in the cross legged position, eventually to achieve half lotus, to full lotus sitting position. Some can do this easily while others may take time to accomplish this. Having said this, it can be done over time and patience is needed, we suggest concentrate on cultivation and allow the body to relax and do not become stressed or frustrated if you cannot do this at the early stages. All practitioners face this challenge especially older veteran practitioners whose bodies are not so subtle due to age, but can be mastered over time. This exercise involves 4 buddha gentle flowing hand movements that flow and stretch, followed by holding hands out to the side for set time palms facing down to floor, then changing positions holding the hands as if holding a column, left had top, then change to the right hand to top, finally both hands are held in front of the lap in the “Conjoining of the hands” position, and ends with pressing the hands together “Hershi”. In order to master this exercise it is better to watch the video tutorial, as well as studying to book.
See Book “FALUN GONG” pages 128 to 138. (Ref is to Hard Copy Book, Download is page 58)
Watch Video Demonstration, fast forward to time 29 minutes and 30 seconds [ Click Here ]

Alternate down-load website, Books can be in format of HTML or PDF files, revised 7th translation edition last update was in 2016.

Purchase FALUN GONG Hard Copy from www.TiantiBooks.org (View Translations into various languages) 

Book  (Main Book) ZHUAN FALUN  242 Pages PDF File Format [ Free Down-Load ]
ZHUAN FALUN HTML Format   [ Free Down-Load ]
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The book Zhuan Falun (Revolving the Law Wheel) comprises the principal teachings of Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong). This book is for Falun Dafa practitioners at all levels. Beginners are encouraged to read Zhuan Falun from cover to cover in the shortest time possible the first time round, and then continue to read the book repeatedly. Practitioners of Falun Dafa reading Zhuan Falun regularly to improve their understanding and gain deeper insights.

Listen to all 9 lectures of Master Li Hongzhi, (Translated into English – Also available on mp3 files) [ Click Here ]
Purchase FALUN DAFA 9 LECTURES in Guangzhou DVD Set in Chinese & English [ Click Here ]

Beginners are encouraged to listen to all 9 lectures in the shortest time possible the first time round, Listening to one lecture a day for the 9 days without interruption is encouraged.   

As with reading the Books “Falun Gong” and “Zhuan Falun”,  and listening to the 9 lectures in the shortest time, if one cannot not even accomplish this, to become a practitioner of Falun Dafa maybe a challenge. Therefore this suggestion  of completing listening to all 9 lectures and reading both books will be good indication of whether to can practice Falun Dafa successfully. 

View FALUN DAFA EXERCISES Instruction (English Translation) Video 58 minutes [ Click Here ]
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