A forthcoming new Film “COSMIC THREAT” by Steven Greer to warn the public and expose world-wide the forth coming government planned hoax of an “Alien Invasion”, is soon to be released. If everyone is warned we will not be deceived, no matter how awesome and realistic it may appear to be , its going to be huge! Many will be terrified and fooled, it will be of epic proportion of a highly contrived and orchestrated deception and hoax. Do Not Be Fooled!

Link below: To help the public not be deceived or fooled about this hoax invasion, Dr Steven Greer is making a production on an emergency documentary that will be released for free on platforms across the world.  

This YouTube news video explains it all,

Urgent Breaking News : Update From Dr. Greer

Dr Steven Greer explains, the is not just about UFOs it about the technology we are told we do not have or exists, but we do have it, and the US will use it to fool mankind.  For example traveling faster than the speed of sound, without creating a sonic boom, once thought impossible, they now know how to travel without creating this boom, so they not genuine UFOs if this is claimed, they are military manufactured crafts. FACT: Aliens are not a threat. it is humans that threaten them, and the repeated phrase, “Aliens are a Threat to National Security” is a lie, humans are a serious threat to other dimensions because of possible  misuse of weapons in space, and to put such weapons in space is a serious threat to all alien life forms, and other worlds which they know exists, but have not informed the public.  

This documentary will be released on open source, meaning it will  not  be contracted to a film distributor who can tie it up or delay it. It’s going to be giving free to allow everyone to push this, globally,  to allow ONE  BILLION people to be globally enlightened to neutralise the shock of planned threat, we need to expose ”WHAT” they are going to do, and “HOW” they intend to do it, so humanity is not fooled. The agenda to entrap mankind into total slavery under a one world government objective fighting a common alien enemy that does not even exist, cannot be allowed to happen.

This production of an emergency documentary that will be released for free on platforms across the world, will be available to watch via the  link below when ready and also from this website.  Download it, put on your website, send out links, forward to everyone, everyone must be informed  of this  hoax plan to fool humanity.  This is serious!

New Film Coming SoonCOSMIC THREAT” – Check Link updates:

Please make everyone aware to watch out for this release coming soon hopefully MAY/JUNE  2021