Richard M Phelan - Author of Coma

Richard M. PhelanAuthor and Researcher.

Richard was born in Highgate North  London where he grew up with his one year older brother Paul. His family originally came from Waterford, southern Ireland.

Richard was a top craftsman (Carpenter 1970s – 2000)  with many skills and his work won lots of awards, especially for his decorative maritime rope work knots, oil paintings, and scale model ships shown in his “Full Uncut Edition” of his book. This edition deals with Richards true life story as well as the new breakthrough in science knowledge and UFO exposure. Richard spent over 40 years reading thousands of books, documents, researching and digging for information.

Eventually Richard went to China, and the USA and in 2000 began the “Scientific study of Inherited genetic traits of the face” known as Personology, or the study of people. Richard graduated as a certified Personologist in 2004 under two schools in San-Francisco and Hawaii. He was interviewed 5 times on BBC radio, and was featured in the UK Police Federation Magazine for his work, plus nurmarus news papers and other magazines.

Around 2004 Richard was researching numerous subjects, self-development, the sub-conscious mind and later the abductions and the UFO cases, as well as “Common Law” and “Maritime law”.  It was researching this Richard again in 2020 was able to put together everything he found like a massive  tapestry  and could see the evil agenda of those controlling the planet.  For those not to concerned about Richard History or the exposure the religious cults like Jehovah’s witnesses Richard decided to publish the “Condensed Edition” of his book Coma, as this is vital information for everyone. 

The four questions every human needs to be able to ask are:

Who or what am I?

————Where do I come from?

——————————Why am I here?

——————————————–Where am I going?

Now having access to the new startling information retrieved from “Area51 at Roswell” in 1947 and the 2020 by military trained (RV) Remote Viewers investigation reports, Richard who is retired, now 69 years old (2020)  spends his time to help enlighten humanity, the answer to the above questions will not be what people expect but they really need to know. 

The publishing of the two edition books COMA is the tool Richard decided to use to help enlighten humanity, and so important is this task, Richard decided to give the books as FREE e-books with option to buy hard copies if any wants them, but getting the information out is priority.

Richard only asks, Please download the books, read and study them,  and TELL EVERYONE and SHARE all the information, so they can also obtain it, humanity needs to know!”

As Richard states, “Everyone demands the truth, but can they accept it when it is given, even with over whelming evidence, some will not be able to handle it”

The Book COMA is going to seriously wake a lot of people up!